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1. Innovation

More than 285 multinational companies have already set up shop in Israel, establishing over 300 R&D centers — for many of these corporations their only such center outside their home country. Global giants Microsoft, Motorola, Google, Apple, Facebook, Intel, HP, EMC, Siemens, GE, IBM, GM, Deutsche Telekom, and Cisco all have such centers in Israel, viewing the country as an international hub for excellence and innovation.

These R&D centers were established here because our country is renowned for its world-class talent, whose innovative spirit, and can-do, never-take-no-for-an-answer attitude has helped many of these multinationals develop breakthrough innovations and for some, even their flagship products. Israel’s extremely talented workforce — with the highest concentration of Ph.D.’s and engineers per capita in the world — is a foundation of our R&D success.

Israel’s reputation as a hub of innovation — the “Startup Nation” with more startups per capita anywhere in the world outside of Silicon Valley — is another key factor attracting such significant levels of investment from around the world. From 2005–2015, Israeli hi-tech companies raised close to $24 billion dollars.

Innovation is a major hook and works in tandem with other significant factors, namely robust economic performance, and government support:

2. Robust Economic Performance

In spite of global economic volatility over the last decade, Israel’s economy saw consistent GDP growth above OECD average, and in 2016 the growth rate is 4%.

In addition, Israel’s unemployment rate is below 5% — among the world’s lowest.

3. Government Support

The government of Israel is keen on attracting international investment, offering attractive tax breaks and incentives helping offset expenses in R&D and wages in the form of tax breaks, capital grants, and R&D grants.

When thinking of setting up an operation here, remember that innovation, robust economic performance, and government support are excellent reasons to work in the Start-Up Nation. At Clearview Partners we’re here to be your guides in making Israel your business home.

Source: Excerpts from BXJ — Q&A with Eyal Eliezer, Head of Strategy, Invest in Israel

Clearview Partners works in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Economy and “Invest in Israel” to ensure its clients enjoy the benefits of the various government incentive programs available.

Ori Aldubi, CEO, Clearview Partners

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