HomeBusiness5 Tips for your Eurovision visit to Israel

Eurovision is taking place this week and we’re excited to be hosting all our guests from across the globe in Tel Aviv. With the perfect spring weather, it’s already warm enough to hit the beach. These are some of our favorite weeks in Israel. Israel has its own unique flavor so we’re going to give you a guide on how to navigate visiting the Startup Nation, as well as tips if you’re staying on for business (as many people do). These tips and mindsets will help you navigate the business world as well. The team at Clearview Partners has lived in Israel as well as in different points across the globe so know you’re in good hands when it comes to understanding cultural nuances.

Don’t wait for it

What you’ll encounter from the second you land in Israel is the proactive nature of the citizens of this country. If you wait for anything, and if you don’t ask for it; whether that be service, a favor, or a sale, you’re not going to get it. And don’t feel you’re being aggressive or pushy, it’s just how things are in Israel. People in a fast-paced environment such as Tel Aviv love the hustle, so this way of approaching life can be quite liberating.  

Don’t take it personally

Israelis have a reputation as being gruff and upfront. A lot of that is true, but something you need to remember it’s all about the intention. Many Israelis are genuinely warm people who would give you the shirt off their backs. Their advice (which is handed out so freely) is given with the intention to help you. Interacting with straight forward people in Israel might take some time, but once you get used to it you won’t want to interact in any other way.

Feel free to express yourself

Israel, and Tel Aviv is not a place to hold back. Feel free to express yourself and what is on your mind. Whether it’s connecting with the locals or being candid in a business setting Israelis value candor and people they can relate to above all else. And if you’re on vacation all the better to feel comfortable expressing yourself. Whereas in parts of the United States and Western Europe there is a major social emphasis on keeping up appearances, much of that is tossed out the window in Israel in favor of informality.

Feel free to negotiate

Like in America, no one will feel offended if you try and negotiate. This may seem rude in parts of Western Europe, but Israel is after all in the Middle East and from where the original marketplace originated. Not only is negotiating welcome -it is accepted, so don’t feel offended if you feel the price might be too high, negotiate it down.

Don’t plan too far ahead and embrace serendipity

Once you get to Israel make your plans. We seriously recommend playing it by ear; people in Israel plan day to day so no need to plan meetings weeks in advance. And be open to serendipity, you’ll meet people in meetings, and they’ll call their friends over and one thing will lead to another. Whereas in places such as New York meetings are arranged weeks (if not months in advance) Israelis keep a more open calendar. Some of the best opportunities are those which you didn’t expect and present themselves in a spontaneous manner.

This is an exciting time to be visiting Israel, with the first Eurovision being hosted in the country. Israelis love to host guests and show off the country, so if you’re in town you’re in for a treat. Whether you’re visiting just for the event or extending for business make sure to follow our tips in order to maximize your trip. We’d love to connect with you in person and answer any questions you may have on doing business in Israel.