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Background & Security Checks in Israel

Your choice of your employees, partners and facilities is critical to your business success.  We leverage our network and the talent of former Israeli intelligence community members to help you make a better informed decision so you could do business with confidence.

We perform the following and other background checks on employment candidates, potential business partners and others:

  • Personal information verification
  • CV and past employment verification
  • Verification of diplomas/degrees from Universities and any professional licenses
  • Litigation and criminal records
  • Delinquency and collections records
  • Social networks and online presence research
  • Media review
  • Corporate records
  • Human-source interviews
Be it your Global Corporate Security’s policy or your own assurance – we have the professionals to conduct a full security audit on your future business facility in Israel – from city-center office tower to facilities in an out-of-town industrial parks.