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The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. If there is a better place for Israeli technology to shine on the global stage, we can’t think of one. Dubbed the largest trade show in the world, and tech’s largest conference, over a quarter of a million people attended this week-long tech extravaganza to view all the latest innovations we’ll see this coming year. The big boys of tech such as Samsung and LG joined budding startups, all of whom were keen on getting their newest gadgets featured in the media. Clearview Partners was there walking the show soaking in the atmosphere and we’re here to share with you this year’s highlights so you’re in the know and ahead of the curve.

Israeli tech goes Big

As they say in American sports “go big or go home”, and CES is the show that you put your best foot forward. The Israeli North American Economic Mission always makes a strong showing with a large presence right in the middle of the show’s Eureka Park. For many years CES was focused on big brands showcasing their latest gadgets to wow the press but over the last few years as a sign of the times there has been an emphasis on startups. A good example of this is the number of competitions for innovative products CES holds.

This year Google and Amazon were duking it out on who would be the dominant company to be integrated into your daily life. Meanwhile legacy technology companies like IBM and Intel found ways to reinvent themselves. One of Intel’s major acquisitions in the last few years has been Jerusalem based Mobileye. That acquisition has paid in spades with the announcement of multiple driverless car trials all over the world (including Israel). Also, a notable mention to OrCam and BreezoMeter, both Israeli based startups focused on social good who had a big presence at the show. While Israel is strong in several verticals, over the past few years a robust IoT ecosystem has developed in the country, with local entrepreneurs using the power of connected devices to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.   

Planes, Trains, and Driverless Automobiles

This CES featured a lot of technology that in a few years’ time will become common place on our city’s streets. Drones are already a part of our lives, in a major way thanks to the development the Israeli defense industry has played in helping commercialize this technology. Over the past decade CES has morphed into an auto show alongside every conceivable form of gadget. The automobile industry has seen massive change, not just the eventual adaptation of driverless transportation but it’s morphing into a service business.

Israel has been leading in this space, not just with world leaders like Mobileye but with startups such as Via and Gett who have been working alongside the major auto manufacturers. Every major automaker that presented at CES has been doing extensive R&D in the Startup Nation in order to deliver the first fleet of driverless cars. Of note and while not Israeli, but born of defense tech, Bell’s Nexus flying taxis were one of the highlights of the show. Bell has been manufacturing helicopters since WWII, and their newest civilian transport brings a Jetson like future within reach. Maybe Israel will be a test market for flying cards, the country tried electric cars, so why not, this is the Startup Nation after all.

We’re off to a strong start for the Israeli ecosystem in 2019 with continued interest from countries and corporations all over the globe. Join us this year as we explore all the opportunity that the growth of the Israeli economy and technology sector have to offer. 2019 is going to be a big year for the Israeli economy, and Clearview Partners invites you to visit Israel to see for yourself. If CES was just a sampling of the jaw dropping product innovations Israeli entrepreneurs are working on this year we have a lot to look forward to in 2019.