StartseiteBusiness5 Corporate Innovation programs to know – Part II

Spring is in the air in Israel, and with conference season in full swing now is the perfect time to visit the country. Continuing our previous theme of corporate innovation programs one needs to know in Israel (because 5 was just not enough as new programs are being launched every week) we’re going to cover a number of dynamic programs that are helping organizations come up with new and innovative ideas in order to stay competitive. The programs are cross vertical; particularly as some of the strengths of the Startup Nation such as cybersecurity are important to all aspects of a business. Below is Part II of the corporate innovation programs that the Clearview Partners team believes you need to know in 2019.


A recent newcomer in the corporate innovation and accelerator space. With partners such as Microsoft and Salesforce the 365x program helps software and IoT companies scale as well as connect with corporates. This program has also expanded to New York and offers startups in the program several opportunities for high quality mentorship. As more Israel based programs look to expand to new markets outside of Israel, we’ll be watching to see how this trend unfolds.


AlphaC is a good example of multiple trends coming together in Israel; Japanese investment in the country, a prominent university, and corporate venture capital. The focus of AlphaC, a joint program founded by NEC and Tel Aviv University Ventures is to accelerate cyber companies, many of whom are coming from the Tel Aviv University alumni network. We’ve written in the past that we believe that other Asian countries such as Japan will only increase their funding in Israeli tech as US-China-Israel business relations will continue to be rocky.

Johnson Controls Open Innovation

Formerly known as Tyco Innovation Tel Aviv this program offers Israeli startups the opportunity to work with a global 30-billion-dollar company. As their website states “JCI is looking for innovative technologies to drive forward thinking solutions for creating safer, smarter and more sustainable environments – public spaces, buildings, commercial properties, retail stores, critical infrastructures, homes and more.” Israel is one of the innovation hubs for this large multi-national and will continue to play an increasingly important role in their search for innovative solutions.

Oracle Global Startup Accelerator

With a reputation as one of the top programs in the country, this Bay Area based technology giant has recently developed a presence in Israel. This is an accelerator in the classic sense of the word, as their six-month program works with startups that would augment Oracle's existing technologies, but we decided to include it as Oracle has built such a presence as a legacy technology company. Not that Israel needed a boost in street cred, but it’s nice to see another tech giant investing in the Israeli ecosystem.

IAF Innovation

While much of the Startup Nation’s ethos comes from entrepreneurs’ time in the IDF, many of the army’s technological secrets are kept within its own confides. There have recently been more public partnerships with different military and defense contractors shaing their knowledge with the broader tech community. An example of how the outside innovation space has impacted the IDF is the Israeli Air Force innovation initiative. The IDF is the people’s army and has always been open to civilian ideas; with initiatives such as this the army is looking for ways in order to tap the Startup Nation ethos in the country’s defense.

This list will grow, and while some people in corporate environments believe that investment in innovation is a long-term luxury, the reality is that with the pace of change it is becoming a necessity in order to thrive in this business environment. There is lots going on in the Startup Nation in the coming weeks leading up to summer, so if you’re in town we’d love to connect in person.