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Soft-landing Services

From operation facilities to talent hiring and expats relocation assistance – our turn-key soft landing services will get your local presence going and ready to operate.
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Innovation Scouting

We provide you with local insights into the Israeli market and find unique innovation and partnership opportunities relevant to you.
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Investor Representation

Finding attractive opportunities in Israel is one thing – maintaining involvement, transparency and oversight without moving to Israel is another.
We help you do both.  
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On-going Management Support

Any size business needs proper management of the day-to-day back-office activities. We make sure logistical and administrative wheels turn smoothly in the background so you can focus on what you came to Israel for – growing your business.
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Background & Security Checks

Your choice of employees, partners and facilities is critical to your business success.
We help you make a better informed decision so you could proceed with confidence.
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