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Innovation Scouting in Israel

At Clearview Partners we work with our clients to achieve actual results by leveraging Israel’s tech and innovation know-how.

  • Trend spotting
  • Investment (venture)
  • Acquisition targets
  • Building of innovation/R&D centers

We facilitate introductions to relevant players in the Israeli tech ecosystem and provide an analysis (report). We also assist with building a client’s network in the local ecosystem.

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Startups and VCs (funding them) are what drives new tech, we work to facilitate on site (or email intros) to vetted companies from our network.

The real challenge (in Israel, but also in any tech ecosystem) is cutting thru the noise and getting connected to the entrepreneurs who are actually moving the dial, and not just making noise.

We tie all the trends an organization is in interested in (ie., whether that be blockchain, insurtech, AI, etc) with a comprehensive report of our findings, possible trends, a directory of startups, accelerators, and funds (with contact info).
We also include any additional digital assets for their content marketing need (pics, video, etc.).

We connect clients (thru facilitation such as warm intros, meetings, or creating a private event) with influencers in the local ecosystem. We can also help with network acceleration by attending events with a client and facilitating intros there (many events/conferences are highly leverage opportunities to connect with a lot of people in a short time). If a client is not able to visit Israel we can execute this service on their behalf.