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  • 45 Rothschild Blvd
    Tel Aviv, Israel 6578403
  • +972-3-9707030 (In Israel)
    (212)-444-2156 (from the US)


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Investor Representation in Israel

Finding attractive Israeli companies in which to invest is one thing – maintaining involvement, transparency and oversight without moving to Israel is another.
We help you do both.

Our deep involvement in the Israeli tech & finance sectors provides you with access to the freshest, hottest opportunities before they become common knowledge.

We make sure to know the individuals leading your investments and we utilize our strong local relationships network and our Background & Security Checks to verify reputation, ethics and track record.

Whether you are a Family Office, Venture Capital Fund, Private Equity Firm,  Hedge Fund or an investment banker, our Investment Scouting service is for you.

We provide a constant dealflow of quality investment and acquisition targets.

Simply define your strategy, list of qualifiers and the sector in which you are looking for opportunities and we’ll do the rest.

  • Improved screening process
  • LOCAL, specialized due diligence
  • Local co-investor matching

We can help you find the right investment opportunity and take an active supporting partner role throughout the lifetime of the engagement.

As your local representative in Israel, we liaise between you and your investment and represent your interest – bridging geographical and cultural gaps, ensuring transparency and making sure that distance, culture and language gaps do not become a liability.

  • Improved communication, transparency and oversight
  • Representation at board meetings (Hebrew & English)
  • Board and management team replacement assistance
  • Real-time company updates
  • Eco-system updates
  • Competition updates