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On-going Management Support

Growing businesses and large corporations operations alike require proper management of the day-to-day back-office activities. We will make sure the logistical and administrative wheels turn smoothly in the background so you could focus on what you came to Israel for: growing your business.

We work with the various local service providers and make sure the operational and logistical side of your business in Israel is working smoothly and efficiently (from maintenance to office supplies and more).

Vendor & Supplier Management

  • Negotiation of rates and service terms
  • Vendor tax registration compliance verification
  • Vendor accounts setup
  • On-going services and supply scheduling
  • Yearly vendor re-negotiation
  • Yearly vendor verification of tax registration status


  • Cleaning service contractor management
  • Equipment replacement/repair (furniture, electronic equipment, lighting etc.)
  • Office supplies (paper, toner, stationary, wipes etc.)
  • Pantry/Kitchen supplies (coffee, tea, condiments, snacks, paper towels etc.)
  • Catering service coordination

Utilities Setup & Payment

  • Electric
  • Communication (office phone, internet, cellular)
  • Tax payments
We facilitate the legal, bookkeeping, accounting and tax activities with the relevant local legal offices on your behalf, saving you time and money.