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Soft-landing services in Israel

From operations facilities to talent hiring and local service providers – we will get your local office going and ready to operate.
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Whether you are looking to start a small, one-man operation, an office with several employees or a larger operation – finding the right talent detrimental to making the endeavor a success.

We leverage our local network and collaborate with vetted, field-specific HR specialists to make sure you have access to the best talent in the market.

There are several parts to the process:

  • Role definition
  • Identifying the ideal talent sources and partners – HR agencies, Specialized recruiting advisors (“Head hunters”), and negotiating terms with them for the project. Some viable candidates may already be in our immediate network as well.
  • Liaising between your hiring manager and the talent sources and assisting with CV screening process.
  • Facilitation of the interviews process.
  • Assistance in candidate negotiations.
  • New hire due-diligence (background check).

The needs of each client are different and require different level of involvement and support, we custom-tailor the process for each client.

Depending on the type of organization, type of business activity and project needs – Choosing and setting up the right facility for your organization is paramount. Checkout our tips on how to choose the right office for you in Israel: Setting up an office in Israel? 5 things to consider.

Having the right infrastructure in place helps run business well.

We negotiate and work with local IT and communication services providers, contractors (designers, construction etc.), furniture suppliers and many others to tailor an optimal solution for you and supervise the process to completion.

Setting up and managing various service providers can be a time consuming and daunting task, especially when operating overseas.

We will help you set up with the necessary services and make sure to select only reputable service providers from within our vetted network of professionals.

  • Utilities (electricity, water etc.)
  • Internet & communication
  • Security
  • Cleaning services
  • Office supplies
  • And others

Relocating to a new country is by itself not an easy task, emotionally and logistically.

We understand that and we built our expat support service with you in mind.

From finding a suitable apartment to closing the best value deal at the car dealership – we’ll make sure you feel right at home and have enough time and energy to get right to business.