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Winter is coming to a close and that means that spring will soon be in the air. With spring arriving we’re entering one of the most exciting times to be in Israel, and no we don’t mean Eurovision (though that is exciting as well in a different way), but the time that conference season begins. While there is a major Israeli business presence at international conferences such as CES and SXSW (which we make sure to participate in) if there is something that people in Israel understand it’s how to give conference goers a meaningful experience. Israel is an experiential place, for all its intensity it’s a place that is real, and the conference industry reflects that. Read on as the team at Clearview Partners is going to cover the conferences that you need to be attending in the coming months.

NOAH Conference 2019 - April 10th-11th
At Clearview Partners we understand the importance of connecting large multinationals to the Israeli tech and innovation ecosystem. While there is a robust corporate innovation ecosystem in Israel there is still significant opportunity as Israel’s tech ecosystem is the largest outside of the Bay Area. The focus of the NOAH Conference is just that, to connect Europe with Israeli innovation. Particularly now with massive disruption happening across the global economy, attending a conference like this is vitally important as you need to be on top of the trends.

Israel Mobile Summit - June 12th
Israel has become increasingly strong in the mobile space, so we decided to include this one-day conference that draws over 2,000 attendees at the beginning of the summer. While Israel has traditionally been dominant in the ad-tech space this conference is focused on change and features many speakers who are from the publishing industry. Those interested in meeting and networking with a large number of Israeli startups in this space are encouraged to attend.

Fintech Junction - June 26th-27th
This large fintech conference now entering its 3rd year is a must attend for anyone interested in learning where the Startup Nation is going in fields ranging from digital currencies to blockchain. Like many other high-profile conferences Fintech Junction offers multiple panels, speakers, and startups. The conference offers a good cross range of attendees, from large international financial institutions, local ecosystem partners, and startups covering every aspect of this rapidly growing sector.

Cyber Week - June 23rd-27th
Now more than ever conferences such as Cyber Week are important not just for organization’s safety but for government’s infrastructure as well. Israel is dominating these days in cyber security, and this conference taking place at Tel Aviv University showcases that. We’ve attended in the past and can state that if you’re serious about understanding the world of cyber you should attend.

DLD (Digital-Life-Design) - September 16th-19th
The largest global conference/festival of its kind. An international conference started by the father of the Israeli tech scene Yossi Vardi. This innovation festival brings American tech companies, European multinationals, and the Israeli tech community together in Tel Aviv’s Old Railroad Station known as 'HaTachana' for a few days of education, networking and enjoying the end of the summer. DLD has expanded to multiple cities across the globe such as New York, Munich, and Singapore, but the one held in Tel Aviv is certainly the largest event. Attend this conference if you want to get a flavor of what Israel-European tech relations look like.

The conference industry is only going to continue expanding as people are seeking meaningful connections in real life. There are so many options to network online but busy professionals in all industries crave the meaningful connections that a good conference facilitates. We’ll be attending a number of these conferences this year and look forward to seeing you there!